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Pigeon Nets Installation

Pigeon Nets Installation in Kothapet. In this Growing Civilization we are acquiring birds & animals land due to which we are troubling us. Fact is we are in their places at the same time. Keeping them close is also not good. Some of them will create lifetime diseases, for example Pigeons or Birds. Birds or Pigeon shit is the most dangerous thing, it is a poison, it creates heat and it also contains an acid which will remove your painting of the car or bike.

Creates a rest on Metal items like windows, doors, gates & Railings. Without Killing or Hurting the Birds & Pigeons we do fix Pigeon Nets for Balconies, Pigeon Nets Installation in Kothapet. These materials are 0,8 to 1.5mm in thickness and 30mm in gap. These gaps are well measured standard gaps in which no birds can enter. It comes in transparent, green, white & black in color.

Pigeon Safety Nets in Hyderabad | Call 9966444849 for Price

Birds are beautiful creatures by nature. In that, pigeons are one of the species of birds. Everyone is fond of pigeons , but on the other hand pigeons became irritating creatures by dirtying premises. It’s a very tough task to avoid pigeons at the high, huge buildings. Niharika Enterprises have the best solution for getting rid of birds like pigeons. We are providing services of Pigeon Nets for Balconies Installation to avoid pigeons permanently. Call Niharika Enterprises for Pigeon Nets Installation in Kothapet and live a healthy life. We at Niharika Pigeon Nets offer Free Inspection, Free Installation, Wholesale Price with Warranty. Call at 9966444848 to get the lowest competitive quote for any order quantity. Without hesitation just check out once.


  • Professional Netting Service.
  • Using Only Strong & Durable Nets for better life
  • Cheaper than Iron with Zero Maintenance
  • We are the wholesaler hence you get price at lowest
  • Post Service Warranty & Support
  • 20 Years of Experience
  • 50+ Skilled & Verified Staffs
  • Above all Niharika Enterprises Assurance

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At Niharika Enterprises Quality is the Atmost Priority Factor Hence we source
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